From an early stage of his career Tim learnt that quality comes first, a mantra he has carried with him from that day forward and one that has seen him and his team achieve national recognition for the standard of their work.

After spending over eleven years honing his skills and producing items of the highest standard Tim decided to transition from workshop to site, where his levels of precision from the joiners shop are put to excellent use. Tim’s specialty is in curved and technically challenging, carpentry and joinery and therefore relishes in the challenges that are presented on our sites on a regular basis.

Before joining Corbel in 2018 Tim had worked on several period properties which inspired his move to conservation.

The phrase “minimal intervention” has helped me make the change from previous roles were the specification was quite often to remove and replace and replace, rather than delicately conserve and splice. What Tim enjoys the most about the heritage sector is you just don’t know what you’re going to find. It helps me and my team to stay sharp and gives us a challenge to rise to on a daily basis.

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